Saturday, June 19, 2010

Thank You cards for Teachers gifts made by my 6 year old....

Well its that time of year again.... SCHOOL's  almost out for summer!!
Which means hand stamped cards and goodies as thank you's for all the teachers,
 aides and staff that touch my kids lives this year!

For those of you who think stamping is "too difficult" or "time consuming" look at what my 
6 year old came up with when I was busy at my other crafting table!!

When I mentioned teacher cards to my 6  year old Bella- while I was busy preparing for my Mom and Me and private classes this week she went ahead and took some of my cardstock, her trimmer, the few ink pads she owns she had and went to town!   Normally this would cause me to go "aaahhh" at the gigantic mess she creates (you think I'm bad when i stamp - wait 'til you see my offspring!). 
  However, this time, I reacted differentlly - WOW Bella they are beautiful!!

She even stamped each one individually with her teachers in mind...   *tear*

As she was doing the final touches, I snapped a few pics.  
Yup - she used my black magic technique (oh my poor pencil crayons!!)- and did one heck of a job with the now retiring - Heartfelt thanks (see the green flower in the background of the pic below)

So Bella my sweet.... I love you and yes, you can have more ink pads and cardstock
....some of Mommy's retiring stuff okay!



  1. Aww thanks :) She uses only a few colours...cuts a little crooked...but in the end...she can look at a card on my sample board and totally make it her own. I would have never stamped the flower from Looks like Spring in black...but she did..and it looks great!! lol