Monday, October 5, 2009

Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar in Quebec City

Good Morning!

I had a fabulous weekend in Quebec City! My family and I drove down for the Stampin' Up! Regional Convention and decided to make a mini weekend vacation out of it! The Hotel Plaza was stunning - Quebec City is BEAUTIFUL - and I had a fantastic time at the Stampin' Up! Regional!

Above is the pic of the stamp set we received for attending and one of the make and take instruction sheets we made! Its the Berry Christmas Stamp set (which I didn't own yet!).

Above is Shannon West and I :) I totally adore this girl - she is a fantastic presenter, but just an amazing person!! I first met her at the Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar in Halifax, Nova Scotia years ago ... thought she was fab then, thinks she's even more fab now!

This is Carrie Marcelin, Shannon West and I :) Carrie is from Stampin' Up! Canada's head office in Calgary. Okay, so she's originally from Montreal (YEAH) but she works for SU out of the Calgary office. I first met Carrie in at the Stampin' Up! Regional Seminar in Montreal last year! She is a wonderful person to speak to - always willing to listen to all my ramblings :)

And it wouldn't be a post without a few samples. These are are the samples that a fellow awesome demo - Brandi Wiggins (see she and I above) presented at the Regional. OMG I freakin' adore Brandi! She is so amazing and fun! You know when you just meet someone and you think...crap it sucks you live so far away (she's up in Chibougamau) . But its no wonder we clicked - she's originally from Western Canada (Calgary) and I'm originally from Winnipeg - so there yah go! Oh and Brandi - sorry about the pic..but your eyes were actually closed in both, and I looked better in this one - lol!


I'll have lots more to post over the week - not to worry!

Happy Stamping!


  1. Great photos! I just knew you and Brandi would click! she IS fabulous and so funny! Now you MUST join Stampin'Addicts cause that's where all the cool kids hang out!
    I LOVE that polar bear card!

  2. I googled you like I said I would so I could steal some of your pictures! :) And I'm glad you took some photos of Brandi's projects b/c I totally forgot! It was so much fun catching up w/you again--I'm glad we had some time to chat!!!

  3. So awesome that you googled me!! I've got more pics I'll be putting up too...
    So awesome to chat with you Shannon - you are awesome :)