Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Scenic Season - THE Christmas Card :)


Hello Again!

After my brayering fiasco (see previous post of not so nice cards). I decided to go back to my basics...sponging. It was sponging that I first started doing on my cards 5 years ago...and I was pretty good at it! So here we go...

Above is the final product - my WOW! My absolute favourite Christmas Card for this year. I have always used Lovely as a Tree..but this year, I am going to use Scenic Season! I will be featuring this card in all my upcoming Classes and Workshops. (Registration on now!!)

For those of you who have never stamped with me, to see my creation process...and how many cards I make before I find one I LOVE...I am going to walk you through it. Some of you may get fabulous results your 1st time out...sometimes I do too...but rarely. Here is an honest look. lol.

This was my 1st card...on shimmery paper. Very simple (my style). You can hardly see it, but I sponged the top half in bordering blue. The image is stamped in Night of Navy.

Not too bad right...well it wasn't the WOW I wanted. Its nice...but not my WOW.

This is Christmas Card attempt #2. I went back at it several times, to "fix" what I didn't like. It seemed to be frustrating me more and I left it...and started fresh....

I know...#2 sucks. Sigh. I tried and tried to fix

This was attempt #3. I do like it, but I didn't like the snow around the trees as I recut my "mat" and made it closer in. I also added the moon for the bird (love it) and made my stars more visible. I do like it...but I could do better...

This time I am THRILLED with the results!! Woohoo!! I hope you like it too.

So there you have it, my creative process...

I hope it has inspired you today! (and made you smile..)
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Happy Stamping!

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