Monday, March 23, 2009

Just got my new Stamp It Magazine!!

While at the grocery store, I happen to come across this magazine...and as I flipped through it, I had to have it! I don't know about you, but when I first started this addiction, I had to control myself with my magazine subscriptions. My son's school in September comes out every year with a fundraiser via magazine subscriptions - and the have SOO many crafting ones to choose from!! This year, due to budget restrictions, I did not renew ANY. I know - crazy!! But I did - I cut myself off cold turkey. To be honest, I haven't missed it all that much...until TODAY. As soon as I put this new Stamp It in my hands...all those feelings flooded back...getting all the magazines delivered to your door. Sitting down, flipping through all the beautiful samples...seeing all the new tools...and latest scrapbooking accessories. ooooohhhhh aahhhhhh.

Alas, here I am again... I've come to a stage in my life where I realize I am spending more time on the internet looking at my "craft porn" than I am actually STAMPING in my craft room. Darn that portable laptop!! Do you have the same addiction?? Spending hours upon hours on sites like Splitcoast?? And now you tube videos.... oooohhhhh.. Is there help? Stampers anonymous?? I should join up!

All this to say - if you haven't already gotten your hands on the newest Stamp It Magazine - don't delay. You won't be disappointed!! Or come on over and flip through mine :) We can ooohh and ahhh over a cup of coffee together!


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  1. OMG...I so understand how hours can be spent supporting my craft addiction!