Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love when UPS delivers!!! All for me ;)

Have you ever my Demonstrator Jen DiMarco really as addicted to Stampin' Up! as she says she is even 6 years later?

What does the pic above tell you? Yes, yes and yes!!  So glad I took a pic of my goodies before I cracked them open for use!  The top right are my new Decor Elements! Can't wait to put them up! Look here....

Here is my current Stampin' Up! Clear Mount Stamp Set collection. Notice they are stored in DVD cases and the images of the stamps are on the side!! *BRILLANT*

Here is a pic of how the Love Bots kits arrive. Yes, I did also buy the personalized name stamps for my kiddos...super cute!  You get 30 of the boxes for just $13.25  . Can't wait to see the kiddos work on them!  If you haven't see the love bots in the Occasions Mini's a pics of some of them and the description...

Love Bots are just the thing for Valentine’s Day—sign the outside, fill with conversation hearts or other tasty treats, and deliver. To make it even quicker, use the Love Bots personalized name stamp to sign them! Your child can use the stamp later to stamp their personal belongings. But you don’t need to limit them to valentines—they’re equally good for party favors and thank-you gifts. Available in BOY or GIRL designs.

■ Folded box: 3" x 3" x 5/8"
■ 30 boxes per kit: 15 sheets per kit, 5 each of 3 designs
■ 1 sheet per kit of clear stickers (for sealing boxes)
■ Coordinates with Love Bots personalized name stamp

Contact me to book your Sale-a-bration Stampin' Up! Party or place your order today.

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  1. I looooooove getting my Demo orders! And I really like the new unmounted stamp option - so much easier to store!